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  • We are excited to introduce our new, updated CMS interface – a new look with the same powerful engine. With fresh and dynamic branding for your booking platform, combined with a modern design, we are ready to provide you with an inspiring and enhanced experience now and to continue fine-tuning various elements moving forward especially with the Dashboard you see below. 
    The Dashboard will provide you with insights and information for user experience as well as admin. 




Experience list 

  • We are continuing to build on our next-gen Commerce flows on top of our APIs. The experience list aims to highlight available activities in real time for specified dates, making the guest journey more intuitive. 
  • We are also making sure that you can use the dynamic filtering in order to create relevant links for your marketing automation. This aims to help you sell more of the full experience before the customer arrives. 


Bookvisit theme updates 

  • We are now upgrading the Bookvisit theme web design and functions to a better, more optimized version. With more templates and different layout choices to make your website as crisp as it should.


AI translations in CMS and CBIS

  • We have implemented powerful AI tools in both the CMS and CBIS. We are certain that you spend a lot of time creating translated content to be relevant in more than your home market. This addition to the plattform will help you save time and reach more potential guests by ranking higher on Google, and appear more relevant to the visitors on your website. In short, this will enable you to spend time on other things!



Icon attributes 

  • Icons in Stays is updated to a more clean look. You now have the possibility to choose your own Icon attributes on Stays teasers and detail pages, and you can choose between different styles to even further personalize your Stays. Take me to the how to guide for this.
  • We have also built the possibility to add a video attached to an icon on Stays detail page. Have a look here!


Layered content

  • Keep your Stays up to date and relevant to when your guests are planning to visit you. If your guests search for a summer vacation, you can now show summer images and vice versa for winter or any other holiday. Everything is handled with keywords on images in CBIS and intuitive settings in the CMS.
    How to guide for Layered content.



  • Different layout and display on discounted price agreements/offers is now available. Both on detail pages for specific accommodation or a dedicated offer list. 
    See example here


URL structure

  • In I stays, we have developed a new URL structure. The new URL structure will replace the existing structure found on the detail pages. We aim to go live with this structure on Tuesday 29/5.
    The reason for this is to include the names of accommodations in the URL and also to create a more logical structure for cabins and cabin villages.
    The old URLs will redirect to the new ones, so nothing you need to worry about initially. However, if you link directly to detail pages from marketing materials/external sites, we ask you to check the URLs and update them after 29/5



  • Days upsell - Choose if you wish to display a product on arrival/mid or departure day, or fetch products to display in upsell module through category or attribute from CBIS. 
  • Dynamic upsell - Bookingflow. Our latest development that allows you to maximize your upsell flow. You choose what product you wish to display for a specific stay length as well as setting different periods and/or accommodations for different periods.

Reach out to [email protected] for more information!

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